Apple Watch versus Garmin 920

The Garmin Forerunner 920 was my 3rd Forerunner and my 1st “smart” watch. Smart in that it would alert me to iOS notifications from my iPhone. That is, when the 920 decided it wanted to actually connect to my iPhone (which happened less and less as time wore on and updates happened.) These were just alerts and I could not do anything to reply to them or respond to them.

Riding those Rockies! Again!

In 2014, I was one of 5 or 6 other folks chosen to be “Peak Pedalers” for Ride The Rockies. We had to write a certain amount of blog posts during the training and during the ride itself. One of the perks for us was the by-passing of the lottery for the 2015 ride. Which just so happens to be the 30 year anniversary! At first I didn’t really care,.

Re-tool with RETUL

Some folks will say it’s the fancy-pants bike that makes you faster. And years ago, I would have agreed. But to me, the most important factor that determines how fast and efficient you can be with your current fitness level on your bike is – a perfect bike fit. 3 years ago I actively sought out a bike fitter because I was having horrendous saddle issues.  (It took me 11.

Does Good Form Make You a Faster Runner?

The definition of slow is subjective, of course. But regardless of your pace as a runner, you have a self-defined “slow” speed and it’s usually something you are trying to get away from. This is probably more common for folks that define themselves as slow. And one runner’s slow is another runners PR so let’s all keep that in mind. I had a 4 x 800 session on my schedule.

Oh Mio My!

I cannot wear a heart rate chest strap without some form of chafing, rawness, blood, and/or pain. I just don’t have the desire to torture myself to make it work. Yet there are no other options out there THAT WORK if you want to train with heart rate. And yes, I’ve tried the bra with the built in sensors in the bra band. Epic fail. Training with heart rate is.

Ride the Rockies 2014 : Pre-Trip & Gear List

As with any event, I was really ready to be done with the training for Ride the Rockies. Done. Over. No more. Our island is small, my dog needs a baby sitter, and it got hot. And I wore out all my cycling shorts. I was just done. So I was oh-so-happy to get to taper week and ship off our bikes to Colorado. That didn’t mean I was the.

The Post that Wrote Itself

Here it is! Written for the Ride the Rockies blog but appropriate for anyone training for a long endurance event that finds themselves with tunnel vision only seeing the numbers on the training schedule. Enjoy. Know When to Fold ‘Em or How to Save a Shitty Ride Have you ever had to resort to drastic measures to save a ride or a run from disaster?

Ride The Rockies – In search of category 1 climbs!

The organizers of Ride The Rockies decided that day 1 of the 2014 ride would be epic and quite challenging. Now, just over a month away from the start line, I’m building miles and seeking out routes on this rock to get in long climbs. My options are limited. The highest paved road that I can access is the Pali Highway. Not only is there ZERO shoulder to ride on,.

I’m now made of Titanium!

…well, part of me is. Yesterday a very badly patched cavity and crappy dental genes caught up with me and I had my first dental implant placed. I’ve got crowns, gold posts, bridges, and more fillings than I have teeth and now I’ve got a giant titanium post SCREWED into my jaw. I’m right in the middle of my 30 Days of Biking Challenge and I’m not about to give.

Dropping the Hammer, pre-oral surgery

I have to get some serious miles in before my oral surgery tomorrow. I’m having a tooth yanked, a bone graft done, and (as if that wasn’t enough already) a titanium post put in. Does it have Di2? Full suspension? A power meter? For the prices I’m paying it could have all that! Oh well, they say once you got titanium you never go back…I took that a little far..