Next Up: Moab Trail Half Marathon!

This will be my first official trail half marathon ever! I’ve avoided the Xterra half here on Oahu each year because of the late start and the heat. (and to be honest it looks miserable!) Van Tiki had his heart set on this run and sold me on it! He’s doing the full and that will be epic for him! I’m doing the half and only hope I can finish.

How fast is fast enough?

Hawaii got lucky this past weekend when Ian Adamson from Newton Running came here to teach a Coaches certification class.  On Sunday, there was a running form clinic open to the public and it was – as always – fantastic information.  I am a sponge when it comes to pointers and technique because I want to run faster.  I will soak up anything and everything, good and bad, and apply.

Exercise, Safety and Digital ID’s