Apple Watch versus Garmin 920

The Garmin Forerunner 920 was my 3rd Forerunner and my 1st “smart” watch. Smart in that it would alert me to iOS notifications from my iPhone. That is, when the 920 decided it wanted to actually connect to my iPhone (which happened less and less as time wore on and updates happened.) These were just alerts and I could not do anything to reply to them or respond to them.

Riding those Rockies! Again!

In 2014, I was one of 5 or 6 other folks chosen to be “Peak Pedalers” for Ride The Rockies. We had to write a certain amount of blog posts during the training and during the ride itself. One of the perks for us was the by-passing of the lottery for the 2015 ride. Which just so happens to be the 30 year anniversary! At first I didn’t really care,.

Re-tool with RETUL

Some folks will say it’s the fancy-pants bike that makes you faster. And years ago, I would have agreed. But to me, the most important factor that determines how fast and efficient you can be with your current fitness level on your bike is – a perfect bike fit. 3 years ago I actively sought out a bike fitter because I was having horrendous saddle issues.  (It took me 11.

New Toy! Garmin 920

When Garmin announced the new Forerunner 920 a few days before I was to leave for Kona, I immediately put the word out that my 910 would be for sale. It’s not that I don’t like my 910, but there were quite a few features on the 920 that I really wanted. I arrived in Kona a week before Ironman and stumbled upon the 920 in the pop-up bike shop.

Ironman Kona!

There has been a lot going on over here in Hawaii these past few months. Work. Travel for work. More work. I am currently here in Kona for the Ironman World Championships – not to race, but to get my Retul Bike Fit certification!   Yes! I’m now a Retul certified fitter and I’ve got to tell you that I love, love, love the knowledge I’ve gained. I can’t wait.

Does Good Form Make You a Faster Runner?

The definition of slow is subjective, of course. But regardless of your pace as a runner, you have a self-defined “slow” speed and it’s usually something you are trying to get away from. This is probably more common for folks that define themselves as slow. And one runner’s slow is another runners PR so let’s all keep that in mind. I had a 4 x 800 session on my schedule.

RTR Day 3: Day the Eff Off!

The only reason I got up on Day 3 of Ride The Rockies was to eat. And do laundry. But eating was the main focus. Lots of eating. And drinking. I was so thirsty. There was an option to ride that day. Or take the day as a rest day. And seeing as my knees SCREAMED every time I tried to sit down, it really wasn’t hard for us to.

Ride The Rockies Day 2: Redemption!

Course: 95 miles 4,213’ of climbing Hotel in Winter Park: The Vintage Resort Hotel in Steamboat Springs: Rabbit Ears Motel Weather Report: Morning: mid 20’s to low 30’s warming up to high 50’s with chance of afternoon mountain shower Day 1 Ride Report Our alarms went off at 6am. I had not slept well that night. No fault of the hotel or bed or anything – just the fact that.

Ride The Rockies Day 1: There is hell, and then there is Day 1

Boulder to Winter Park Course: 89 miles 11,315’ of climbing Hotel in Boulder: Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Winter Park: The Vintage Resort Weather Report: Mid 30’s early with a high in the low 50’s, chance of a late afternoon mountain thunderstorm after 3pm. Just look at that map. Who wouldn’t fear that map? Jens Voight maybe! But me? That map really put the fear of God in me. Not only.

Oh Mio My!

I cannot wear a heart rate chest strap without some form of chafing, rawness, blood, and/or pain. I just don’t have the desire to torture myself to make it work. Yet there are no other options out there THAT WORK if you want to train with heart rate. And yes, I’ve tried the bra with the built in sensors in the bra band. Epic fail. Training with heart rate is.