Race Report: Ironman Cozumel Part 5 – The Run & FINISH!

I do triathlons because I’m not a runner. It’s totally true. If you ask me what my last marathon was, I say Nike Women’s in 2012. I don’t even think about the Ironman Cozumel run as a marathon. It’s really odd. And while I was quite happy to be off the bike and DONE with that wind the only thing I was thinking about was DRY SOCKS AND SHOES. I.

Race Report: Ironman Cozumel Part 4, The Bike…from hell

I seem to have a thing with weather and bike rides. There is a very famous shot of Lance Armstrong on the bike leg of my first half Ironman in Kona 2012. He’s flying down the hill from Hawi battling the 40+ mph cross winds and pitched nicely to the left.  That day was described by the pros as the “toughest” they’d ever seen in 20 years of racing.  So.

Race Report: Ironman Cozumel Part 3 THE SWIM!!!

Part 2: Race Week Eeeek! Even though I’m a slow runner, I’m an even slower swimmer with the added bonus of being a total goon in the water. I spend the entire time convincing myself that I’m not going to die. Every breath is like my first and every stroke is one closer to being done. Yep, I’m that bad and even though I look better on the surface (.

Race Report: Ironman Cozumel Part 2: Race week

Part 1: Why Ironman The 2 weeks leading up to my departure for Cozumel were crazy, stressful, and a little nutty. With a little luck and a lot of emails and phone calls, we were able to get TriBikeTransport to service the Hawaii IM Cozumel racers! (For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s basically a fantastic service where they pick up your bike fully assembled, they.

Race Report: Ironman Cozumel Part 1 – why Ironman?

Why not? So many people asked me “Why are you doing an Ironman?”  My answer is “Why not?”  Spend the last few hours at any Ironman finish line and you will see some of the most AMAZING things happen.  Folks finish with missing limbs, stage 4 cancer, lack of eye-sight, MS, the list goes on and on.  What’s your excuse?  So yeah…why not?  What’s stopping me?  It sure didn’t stop.