Does Good Form Make You a Faster Runner?

The definition of slow is subjective, of course. But regardless of your pace as a runner, you have a self-defined “slow” speed and it’s usually something you are trying to get away from. This is probably more common for folks that define themselves as slow. And one runner’s slow is another runners PR so let’s all keep that in mind. I had a 4 x 800 session on my schedule.

Next Up: Moab Trail Half Marathon!

This will be my first official trail half marathon ever! I’ve avoided the Xterra half here on Oahu each year because of the late start and the heat. (and to be honest it looks miserable!) Van Tiki had his heart set on this run and sold me on it! He’s doing the full and that will be epic for him! I’m doing the half and only hope I can finish.

My last RunDisney Tinker Bell – 2014 (Avengers Update)

My last RunDisney Tinker Bell – 2014 (Avengers Update)

I completed my 3rd annual Tinker Bell Half Marathon this past January and for some crazy reason I signed up for the Inaugural Tink 10K so I ran that the day before the half! I kept thinking how I was an idiot for doing that as I ran that morning! RunDisney races are really THE best runs out there. They are extremely well organized, the information pre-, during, and post.