RTR Day 3: Day the Eff Off!

http://www.bethebadger.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_5754-e1406169354368.jpghttp://www.bethebadger.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_5754-e1406169354368.jpghttp://www.bethebadger.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IMG_5754-e1406169354368.jpgRTR Day 3: Day the Eff Off!

The only reason I got up on Day 3 of Ride The Rockies was to eat. And do laundry. But eating was the main focus. Lots of eating. And drinking. I was so thirsty.

There was an option to ride that day. Or take the day as a rest day. And seeing as my knees SCREAMED every time I tried to sit down, it really wasn’t hard for us to decide that we wanted to do a rest day. So after a huge breakfast (at this awesome cafe called Winona’s) we rode the bikes up to base camp. Steamboat Springs is a very cool town…also known as Bike Town USA so their biking infrastructure is quite impressive. It was easy to get up to the base camp with just a tiny little climb up the mountain.

We decided to get our bikes checked out while we had free time. There were two “shops” set up and we picked the one that had a “theater” of seats set up (Bike Source). Basically, they lined up 10 chairs, numbered them and you moved down the line from 10 to 1 as they served others. What was so cool about this was that as they worked on the bikes, one of the guys spoke loud enough that we could all hear and LEARN. It was fascinating. And watching their economy of motion was hypnotizing. After awhile it became a game of “guess what is wrong with this bike!”

It was a "theater of bikes"!

It was a “theater of bikes”!

For me, I was having a little difficulty shifting from the big crank down to the smaller crank. Probably some stretching of the cable and a little adjustment needed. The guy checked out everything else to make sure I was safe before he got to my specific issue. He re-routed my front derailliur cable to be an easier “throw” then got on it and test rode it out.
When he returned he proudly (to me anyway) proclaimed “I think you win for the most comfortable bike out there!” Woohoo! I agree, my Lynskey ProCross is a beast of awesomeness.
The shifting was smooth as butter now and once Henrik’s bike was adjusted (his cables had stretched out big time), we tipped them $20 and then put the bikes in the bike corral.

After a short ride on the shuttle bus back to town, we hit Winona’s again for lunch. The food was just that good. Then we spent most of the day walking around the town and checking out the bike shops and historical buildings.

Honey Stinger Bee!

Honey Stinger Bee!

We bought some Honey Stinger waffles (Hey! Steamboat Springs is the home of Honey Stinger!) for the next few days and ate more food.

There were a few events that we checked out as it was Bike Week in the town and then we grabbed dinner and got back to the hotel to prepare for the next day.

Unfortunately this was the day that Henrik started to get sick. Scratchy throat – which I thought was from the dry air – and headaches and a cough. Not a good sign.

We were in bed by 10 – yet the sky was still light! Alarm was set for 6am in hopes to get on the road by 7am the next day!

Sunset in Steamboat

Sunset in Steamboat

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