Re-tool with RETUL with RETUL

Some folks will say it’s the fancy-pants bike that makes you faster. And years ago, I would have agreed. But to me, the most important factor that determines how fast and efficient you can be with your current fitness level on your bike is – a perfect bike fit.

3 years ago I actively sought out a bike fitter because I was having horrendous saddle issues.  (It took me 11 saddles to find “the one.”)  I was referred to a RETUL certified bike fitter here on Oahu (the only one I might add) and booked my appointment ASAP with Andrew.  He had a little spot he rented out in a dance studio, nice space, clean and cold.  But not easy for me to get to and apparently not easy for him to rent as he stopped doing bike fits 6 months later.

So for the past 3 years I’ve been itching to figure out how I could get a RETUL fit on my newest Lynskey ProCross bike.  I almost booked a fitting at RETUL headquarters in Boulder CO when I was there last June just before Ride the Rockies!  But that couldn’t work with my bike shipping schedule so I continued to ride with numb hands regardless of the tweaks I made to fix it.

I downloaded the cool apps that are supposed to give you a “similar fit” to these other “expensive systems.”  That didn’t work.

I double wrapped my bars.  That didn’t work.

I tried different saddle heights, fore and aft, raised the bar, lowered the bar, rotated the bar.  No luck.  Longer stems, shorter stems, tried it all.  Still…numb hands.

I researched and wrote letters and consulted with “those that know.”  Nothing I did worked for my issue.  Some things helped, but nothing got rid of it completely.  I rotated my handlebars so much so that my drops were useless – and I knew it was bad.  But it was the only way I could get through a week of Ride the Rockies without it being “that” bad.  When my fork was ruined in shipping home from Colorado, I put the new fork on un-cut so that I could really pop my handlebars up high until I could get a fit and have the height set properly.  Look at the spacers on this thing!

It's like a spacer storage shed!

It’s like a spacer storage shed!

Then, in October, I was given an excellent opportunity by Amy Eck of Camp Bennett.  She too was a big fan of the RETUL fit and felt the need to get it back to the cyclists of Oahu.  So she arranged for RETUL to do a fit course at Kona and bought Andrew’s RETUL system, upgraded the components, computer, and software and MADE. IT. HAPPEN.


RETUL Certification in Kona with Camp Bennett!

Now, not only is a RETUL bike fit available AGAIN on Oahu, but it’s available by ME (!) and us ladies now have a female fitter on the island!

Right now, the system works perfectly in my little home office.  I’ve got the AC to keep the rider cool, and it’s available whenever I want to make it available.  And since I work from home, it’s easy to book and easy to arrange.  No need to try and schedule around a whole dance studio.


Our official graduation photo from the first RETUL Fit course in Kona!

And something that I’m offering is a mobile fit service.  You see, I’m not tied to any specific bike shop or brand.  I want to keep it that way.  It’s about fitting the bike to you, not selling you on a certain brand.  But I support the LBS!  And if you bought your bike from IT&B or The Bike Shop, I’ll suggest you return to that shop for any issues that I can’t address (like a new crank, or a new stem or saddle).  So I’m flexible on where we do your fit.  If you have the room, (10′ by 15′ minimum) the AC or enough fans/air flow, wifi and power outlets, then I can and will come to you for the fit!  It’s an additional charge depending on where you live, but I’m flexible and want YOU to be efficient and comfortable on your bike.

Regardless of how much the bike is worth.

Now, did I ever figure out my numb hand issue?  Did a RETUL fit solve my problem?  Honestly, yes.  And that right there is why I believe this is the best system.  I was fit on the RETUL MUVE bike during the RETUL class in Kona.  My saddle was lowered, and brought back a bit.  (My saddle height had been set based on the old bike shop measurement system.  My saddle set-back was set by doing the knee over toe with a string system.)  My handlebars were dropped and rotated down.  I felt like I was being thrown over the front of my bike.  I was angry at the fit.  Kept saying “NO WAY!”  But I knew I had to ride it out and see if it really worked.

The MUVE bike was set up based on the Zin measurements we took of my bike. Pretty cool!

Using the RETUL report that you get with your bike fit (including all angles and measurements of your bike) I made the adjustments to my bike and did a 10 mile ride that very same day in Kona.  (My hands would usually go numb within 2-3 miles)

No problems.

“Huh,” I thought.  “It’s wrong, there’s no way this will be comfortable after 2 or 3 or more hours on the bike.”

Well…let’s just say that the RETUL 3-D numbers don’t lie.  I’m where I need to be.  And I’m comfortable and thus efficient and relaxed on my bike.

Try it for yourself.  It’s one of the best things you can do for your cycling enjoyment.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 15.03.08

Before – look how far I’m reaching for those bars~ Yuck!

Screenshot 2015-01-22 15.03.11

After – closer saddle, lower saddle, more open hip angle, more relaxed back angle = more control of the bike!










Contact me for more information and rates.  I do work with some local training groups to help lower the costs!