Riding those Rockies! Again!

http://www.bethebadger.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Screenshot-2015-04-05-13.36.46.pnghttp://www.bethebadger.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Screenshot-2015-04-05-13.36.46.pngRiding those Rockies!  Again!

In 2014, I was one of 5 or 6 other folks chosen to be “Peak Pedalers” for Ride The Rockies. We had to write a certain amount of blog posts during the training and during the ride itself. One of the perks for us was the by-passing of the lottery for the 2015 ride. Which just so happens to be the 30 year anniversary! At first I didn’t really care, but then I did the ride. And by day 3 I was like “Yup, totally using that lottery by-pass next year!” Only 1 problem. The Husband needed to get in as well. Turns out, Ride the Rockies had a little contest for the logo design for this year. And while he didn’t win, let’s just say he’s in for this year and we are all booked up!

early training

Early training gets the worm!

My training is totally and completely 100% different this year. In 2014 I had just completed Ironman Cozumel in December. I took most of January off, did a 10k and half marathon at the end of January, went to Nepal for 3 weeks on business in February, got sick as a dog, came home in March to find out we got into the Ride the Rockies lottery and started to train. This year, I’ve been coaching cycling training for Try Fitness Hawaii since the first of the year and am now coaching the half Ironman group. I’m putting in a LOT of time in the saddle and can easily pull off a 30-50 mile ride without a care in the world. Followed by another 30-50 mile ride the next day. No problem. Long endurance rides on Saturday followed by a run and a bike on Sunday. I’m in a much different place in terms of training. Add in the swimming and I’m really feeling the endurance. Now I need to start adding a few more hill interval sessions and I’m going to be set up much better for this years RTR than I was for last year.

I also know it’s about the endurance. I know that there is no WAY we will make it to camp before 3pm each day. I know I will be out for 8-10 hours easily. I know how slow I’ll be on the climbs and I know how much food I’ll need to eat. This is the redemption ride for us! Our only goal this time is NOT to get hypothermic!

Are we changing anything?


Revelate Designs Tangle Frame Bag

Other than starting my training much earlier and having a 4 hour/ 50 mile base already in place by March, we aren’t changing much. Same bikes, same shoes, same nutrition plan (lots of SALT!!!), same gearing, same saddles!  We continue to rely heavily on our Cardo BK-1 headsets, our Garmin Edge 800 and 1000, and our Mio Global Link and Velo Heart Rate monitors to track all our training stats. The altitude is a killer for us so it’s important that we focus on steady/high Heart Rate training to help replicate the affects of altitude on us in Colorado.  The Husband is going to pick up some warmer gloves and we are adding frame bags to our bikes (maybe – I haven’t tested mine out yet). I’ve replaced all my cycling shorts with ones that A) aren’t bibs and B) have a chamois that doesn’t chafe me! And we’ve booked our hotels with proximity to start/finish of the day – planning to ride right to the hotel every opportunity we can get. Unfortunately, one of our towns is so small that they have to bus us 45 min to another town with hotels! That will be a long day and an ever earlier start the following day.

One thing we will change this year – we won’t start until the sun is up. Last year we were so focused on getting to the finish area to see the presentations and talks that we would start before the sun was up in the sky. I think that’s what helped The Husband get hypothermia. Just too cold. We want to avoid that this year!

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