In the mid 00’s, my husband and I went through IF treatments and we both gained about 30 lbs each. When you are in your mid-late 30’s, it’s not easy to get rid of that extra weight – even when you live in Hawaii and the chance to be “fit” is everywhere! My husband started running and after about a year he had dropped weight and was able to enjoy food without the guilt again!
That got my attention!
So I started the Couch to 5K training program on December 31st, 2009.

Couch to 5K Day 1.  It nearly killed me!

Couch to 5K Day 1. It nearly killed me!

And that is the beginning of my journey.  At that time my only goal was to get rid of some weight and enjoy myself again.  I didn’t do it for anyone else.  I did it 100% for me.  And that theme/motivation continues today.


Over the years I’ve been very lucky to have numerous sponsors and products to test, try and promote.  Hawaii is very limited in the products that actually make it to our shores.  It’s hard for local shops to bring in something untested, new, and with little demand or following.  And this is even more true for women specific items!  So I reach out to companies that appeal to me that I think would do good here and ask.  The worse thing they can say is “no.”

Through my journey to Ironman, I’ve become involved in two fantastic training groups.

Try Fitness Hawaii – this is an all women’s training group that targets women of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and disciplines.  I’ve made life long friends in Try Fitness and shared my Ironman day with a condo full of them!  I’m known as the Gadget Girl and work with their social media and training all year round.

Camp Bennett – co-ed, small, focused, and targeted training that works for me due to my travel schedule.  This training is more individual with a focus on my specific needs and issues.  It also uses more tech specific training – HR Zones, Power Zones, Training Peaks, etc.  I help with the annual Freedom Fest Xterra Triathlon and their social media pages.

This involvement allows me to show and demo products to a variety of people that are in active training.  Most of them are female and many of them are beginners – 2 fantastic target markets that many companies want to hit!  Here is a list of the products I’ve worked with:


SuperFeet™SuperFeet – full sponsorship for 2010 – my first full year of running!  I’ve used Superfeet inserts on all my running,    walking, and hiking boots since then and I swear by them to any and everyone I can.  I really think they make a huge difference not in for general comfort but also for extending the life of your shoes.  Replacing your insoles is a great way of getting another few months or more out of a pair of walking/hiking shoes!

Reco-Fit – As a new runner I was a little skeptical about compression but if you look atevery one of my A-Race photos, I’m always wearing Reco-Fit compression sleeves.  I’ve tried others, I own others, but these are the best for hot & humid racing.  My husband swears by them too.  And besides there compression sleeves, they have fantastic arm coolers that are great for hot weather cycling!  I’m glad I found RecoFit and I’m really happy to see the company has found their feet and seems very strong in the market.


2011-12-01 14.20.09


X-1 Audio – As I began to ramp up my running and swimming distances, I found I needed something to keep me from going crazy.  I needed some music to keep me motivated and I wanted to try some training apps.  But in order to do that I needed decent headphones that wouldn’t fall out of my ears and were waterproof.  (Because if you don’t  like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!)  X-1 Audio has all the gear you need to keep the tunes going and keep the gear dry!  Even while swimming!  And that was quite a pleasant surprise – to be able to enjoy your own music, audio book, or training program while hitting the laps during long course.  The added benefit was no water in your ears either.



Salty DeSoto

Salty DeSoto


DeSoto (2013-2014 Femme Ambassador) – When you train for a half or full Ironman you will quickly realize that your gear is going to take a beating.  And if you skimp on gear, you will end up buying 3, 4, and 5 pairs or shorts or tops just to get to race day.  And more importantly, that gear has to be spot-on-perfectly comfortable…especially for 100+ miles.  DeSoto has been my tri suit/gear of choice since my very first Sprint Triathlon.  It just works for me and it works for the Hawaii heat and humidity.  I swear by the 400 mile shorts and their tri shorts and I really, really love their Skin Cooler fabric and running shirt!  Fantastic for Ironman!  Ask me for my referral code if you want an awesome discount on awesome gear!


Mio_Brand_Champion_badgeMio Global 2014 Brand Champion – I’m a gadget girl and I was so very excited to hear that Mio was planning an Ant+ and Bluetooth enabled optical Heart Rate Monitor that you wear on your wrist!  Finally!  I’ll be writing about my training with the new Mio LINK this year!  Ask me for my referral code if you want an awesome discount on any Mio product!

Ride the Rockies Peak Pedaler 2014 – This year I was selected to be one of the featured bloggers for Ride the Rockies!  I’ll post about training for the ride and I’ll post during the ride itself.  I can’t wait to share the experience with everyone!

I have also been a product tester for quite a few different companies…some made it to market, others did not.  If you are in need of product testing in hot, wet, and humid conditions, please contact me!